Welcome to the Dual Career Competency Questionnaire for Support Providers (DCCQ-SP; Defruyt et al., 2019). This tool will assist you in identifying the different professional skills, knowledge and attitudes you require to support student-athletes in their dual career. Completing the questionnaire will take you about 10 minutes. After completion you will be presented a visual report on your professional competencies as a dual career support provider. You can download your personal report at the end.

What is a dual career support provider?

A dual career support provider is defined as a professional consultant, related to an educational institute and/or an elite sport organization - or certified by one of those - that provides support to elite athletes in view of optimizing their combination of elite sport and studies/work (Defruyt et al., 2019).


Discover your professional competencies as a dual career support provider assists you in:

  • Becoming more aware of your own strengths and weaknesses in dual career support provision
  • Identifying areas that require improvement
  • Developing your own strategies to optimise your work as a dual career support provider