Loranne Smans

Student Psychology

"DualCareerTools has helped me to look beyond my athletic career and pay attention to my development as a student and a person. It's an excellent platform to discuss with my coaches and other stakeholders about my personal development."

Yannick Lefèbvre

Graduated as Master in Sports Science
Olympic Sailor

"Contrary to popular belief, as an elite athlete it is not always easy to convince employers of your capabilities. The self-reflection and 360° feedback of DualCareerTools gave me a clearer picture of my strengths, which I can now communicate better with potential employers."

Paul Wylleman

Professor in Sport Psychology
Head of dpt. 'Top Sport & Study' of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel

"It is not evident to respond effectively to the needs of student-athletes. DualCareerTools helps us to map out the competences of our student-athletes, structure our services and provide tailor-made support."

Chantal Buchser

IOC Athletes' Programmes

"DualCareerTools is an excellent online tool to assist athletes and their support providers in their personal and professional development."

Louis Croenen

Student Sports Science
Olympic Swimmer and finalist

"I used to focus mostly on my results and not enough on the process. DualCareerTools enables me to identify my strengths and working points in the combination of swimming and study, and develop these step by step."

Kristel Taelman

Career Counselor, Sport Vlaanderen

"As dual career support providers, we are constantly working on the development of our student-athletes, but we sometimes forget to keep reinventing ourselves. DualCareerTools helps me to reflect on my own functioning and take control of my own development."

Florent Van Aubel

Graduated as Master in Communication Science
Hockey Player, Olympic Finalist, World and European Champion

"It is so important for athletes to start thinking during their active careers about what comes next. With DualCareerTools I can reflect on the competences that I can transfer from the hockey field to the labor market."